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Real Estate


At Smith-Kandal, we are market leaders, industry leaders and community leaders. Our clients recognize us for the creative sophistication of our real estate advice as well as for the discipline and accuracy of the services we delivery. Our thorough understanding of local business practices and decision-makers, combined with our customer focus and service commitment, gives our clients a distinct edge in commercial real estate. We aspire to be the best, not the biggest. Our focus is on growing with our clients to serve their ever-evolving needs. We support not just our clients’ real estate, but their overall business performance – Smith-Kandal delivers creative real estate solutions that accelerate the achievement of our clients’ business objectives. With Smith-Kandal, companies are discovering excellence in commercial real estate services.






Farm Land

Our Roots Run Deep In Californias’s Ag Industry. Smith-Kandal is the volume leader in commercial and farm land sales in the Imperial County. We are proud of our commitment to the land and the farmer both near and afar. With over 100 years of combined experience we have the ability to serve you in many ways. Whether you are looking to sell the family farm or invest in an established ranch we have the farm land to suit your needs. Our experience has given us the clout to work with large public entities such as the State of California and others, but the fact that we are a family run organization means that you’ll get an extra level of personal service no matter who you are.








We understand that buying a home is possibly the single largest investment your family will ever make. Whether it’s your first home or your last our agents have the expertise to walk you step-by-step through the process and understand that with this kind of investment comes big decisions. We are committed to helping you find that unique and extraordinary home you’ve been searching for. Contact one of Our Agents today to begin your journey.Home-Insurance

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