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Finding great homes and land for sale in Brawley, CA, is simpler and easier now more than ever before thanks to Smith-Kandal’s great new mobile search application. This new app makes finding the real estate incredibly fast and unbelievably convenient.

Search Anytime from Anywhere

Search Anywhere - Smith Kandal Mobile AppOur new mobile search application grants you access to all listings in Brawley and its surrounding areas at any time from wherever you are. No need to waste time and space to download to your tablet or smart phone. Where you have access to the web, you also have access to all the most recent listings of Brawley, California property.

Tailor Your Results to Your Needs

Tailor Your Results - Smith Kandal Mobile AppWhen you are actively looking for your new piece of property, searching through dozens of irrelevant listings is very time-consuming and frustrating. Smith-Kandal’s mobile app can help you narrow your results by providing you with listings that highlight the specific features you’re looking for, instead of hundreds of results that do not.
Check the listings using the app’s navigation features and buttons with a wide variety of touchscreen options that make searching a breeze. Search by property type, price, square footage, location, number of bedrooms and baths, lot size, age, school district, and available parking.

Leave Your Notepad and Pen Behind

Leave your notepad - Smith Kandal Mobile AppSmith-Kandal’s mobile application can remember the listings you have recently checked and will store your favorite properties for you. When you begin to type in street names, neighborhoods or zip codes, our location search box will auto-populate the information for you. Most exciting of all, you can either view your preferred listing locations on the app’s interactive map or have the results posted as a list of preferred properties, including their addresses so that you can get directions to your preferred listings.

Include Mobile GPS Usage

Smart Phone GPS Real Estate - Smith Kandal Mobile AppFully utilize your smart phone’s GPS by searching within a 20-mile radius of where your current location is in order to find properties for sale near you. To explore more homes or land in your vicinity or to discover another area to explore, let our convenient application “show and tell” for you by indicating where to go and how to get there.

Requires No New Account

No New Account Real Estate - Smith Kandal Mobile AppThere is no account to set up or new number to remember. Log in to our mobile real estate application with your Facebook, Yahoo or Google account, and feel free to save and share your listing favorites with the easy click of a button on your smart phone

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Mobile App Real Estate Smith Kandal


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