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When it comes to buying farmland in Imperial County, there are a few simple, yet important things to keep in mind as you search for your dream property.

Pick a Crop

The first factor to consider is that you need to have some idea of what you would like to raise on your newly acquired land. Not all crops or animal types automatically thrive on every sort of soil. Soil that is heavily acidic or that has a lot ofalkaline can require extremely expensive soil amendments to make a crop out of anything, and it may be that you will need to reconsider what you want to grow based on what will do best on the land you have your eye on. Soil tests and some good, professional advice are critical.

Know Your Water Rights

Another important factor to consider is that all living things require water, especially in the hot climates often found in California. It is essential to know exactly where your water is coming from and what sort of rights you possess. Just because a stream runs through your acreage does not mean that you can use it for anything. You must have an adjudicated right to draw water out of any source. This also means that you need to know just how much water you will need for the type of farming activity you have in mind.

Land Improvements

After this comes the need to calculate what type of improvements you need for the land and whether they are already in place. If you plan on raising livestock, for example, you must have secure fencing in place or else plan on installing it. The same goes for items such as barns, sheds, corrals, grain silos, and many other agricultural structures. While land that contains few, if any, improvements on it will cost less to buy, it is generally the case that this will inflict greater financial costs later on. Generally, try to find a property that has as much infrastructure in place as you can possibly afford—but make sure that it is sufficiently well maintained to do its intended job.

Meet the Neighbors

Finally, some consideration needs to be given as to the people who live nearby. You don’t have to be best friends with somebody who owns land near yours, but it helps to be cordial with them at the least. Remember, the services of a real estate professional well versed in all things farm land can be of great assistance when buying farmland in Imperial County CA.
Smith-Kandal has been advising people on the pleasures and pitfalls of buying agricultural property for many years. Whether you are just looking or have your eye on a very specific property, Smith-Kandal would be delighted to meet with you and answer any questions you might have.


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