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Homes For Sale in Imperial, CA

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In the southwestern corner of the state of California is an area known as the Desert Southwest Community. This area encompasses several towns from the southern border of the United States to the edge of the Salton Sea, all located in Imperial County. One of these is the city of Imperial.

Real Estate in Imperial, CA

Located just to the east of State Highway 111, Imperial is close to the major North-South trade travel and shipping route to Calexico and its Port of Entry between Mexico and the United States at the international border there. At Smith-Kandal, our real estate experts keep abreast of development in Imperial, where we sell and list real estate.
Here are some interesting facts about Imperial:

  • Has a land area of 5.77 square miles.
  • Has a population of approximately 12,970 people.
  • Is within an hour and a half’s drive of San Diego, California and Yuma, Arizona.
  • Is only twenty minutes away from Mexicali, Mexico.
  • Will see traffic on Highway 111 double over the next twenty years as it becomes a four-lane highway during road construction in the next few years.
  • Will see its residential developments and commercial developments sharply increase as well.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California’s largest state park, is nearby and offers hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and backpacking in its 12 different wilderness areas and 500 miles of dirt roads. The park is home to golden eagles, bighorn sheep, chuckwallas, roadrunners, mule deer and the occasional rattlesnake. Another local site, under the Pacific Flyway, is the Sonny Bono Seton Sea National Wildlife Refuge for migrating birds.

Homes for Sale in Imperial, CA

The city of Imperial offers many parks and recreation areas for its residents, with the goal of fostering a strong community spirit as well as meeting residents’ needs for sports and leisure activities. The city directory lists sixteen parks, including Eager Park with two playgrounds and several picnic areas and Evans Park with a basketball court, playground and covered picnic area.

Imperial is a leading force in renewable energy projects dealing with geothermal and solar energy. Imperial’s California Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta Fairgrounds is held every year for ten days, from late February to early March. The 4H students auction off their animals, which are displayed in the Ag Education Building. Visitors can practice gold panning, geode cutting or fossil cleaning in the Gems and Minerals Building. There are cooking contests, musical events and even a Redneck Rodeo. The Fairgrounds host many events throughout the year from BBQs to trade shows and car races to private parties.

Imperial is a friendly community with exceptional amenities. When you are ready to buy your dream home or are ready to learn more about the farmland for sale in this fantastic part of California, contact the professionals at Smith-Kandal. We will set up an appointment to assist you with all your real estate needs.


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