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Health / Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Today, health care costs are high, and getting higher. Who will pay your bills if you have a serious accident or a major illness? You buy health insurance for the same reason you buy other kinds of insurance, to protect yourself financially. With health insurance, you protect yourself and your family in case you need medical care that could be very expensive. You can’t predict what your medical bills will be. In a good year, your costs may be low. But if you become ill, your bills could be very high. If you have insurance, many (or all) of your costs will be covered.


Life Insurance

You need life insurance if some person would experience a significant financial loss in the event of your death. A common example of this is the family breadwinner whose income totally or partially supports a family. The death of that person would result in loss of income and financial harm for the remaining family members. Other reasons are to put your kids through school, pay the car note, mortgage, or other debts you have left behind, and pay funeral expenses. Those who might be leaving estates of $650,000 or more often need life insurance to pay for estate taxes.

Business partners are another important example. The death of one partner might obligate the other partners to buy out the heirs: the life policy can be the source of funds.

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